Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Help Was Ripped Off

Not only was The Help the best picture of the year, but I thought the Academy always liked important movies like this one.  Movies that bare their soul and show the nitty gritty of what really happened rather than the glossed-over stuff you hear on Fox News and other media.

Unless I missed some of the minor awards, I only counted one Oscar for The Help and that's beyond absurd.  Maybe they don't understand what African-Americans had to go through to realize some semblance of freedom in America.  Or maybe they think that now that we have an African-American president that everything's fine now.  It isn't and it wasn't.  Poignant movies like The Help show the reality of the situation for blacks in the South--the blatant, ignorant racism that existed, not only back then but still to this day.  Slavery has been officially over for a century and a half but that mindset still pervades and perverts some people even today. 

The beauty of The Help is that it shows that, long after slavery, there is still the prejudice and an "attitude" that some people still have in America, no doubt because of the perpetual falsehoods and myths that have been passed down from generations.  The Help is not just a great movie; it's an incredible movie, a distinction that makes it the "Best Picture" rather than The Artist.  The Artist is a good movie but not an incredible one.

Years from now, it will be The Help and not The Artist that are available in special collections at the Library of Congress and in people's minds.  The Academy blew it yet again.

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