Friday, December 16, 2011

The New Excuse for the Academy Awards

It seems as if the Academy Award people have come up with yet another excuse to not give the most-deserving person the Oscar--they're too good.  Every year, they nominate Meryl Streep, which is good, but then they say, well, we can't give it to her every year.  The truth is that they have only "given it to her" one time.  Once in her entire career!

If she's the best, and she often is, why can't she win it?  Why not make the other actesses come up to her level instead of giving it to them when their performance is only second-best?  Better to show what you can achieve when you put so much effort and dedication into your work that you become the greatest actress in cinema history.  Which is what Streep has definitely done.

How was she not given the Best Actress for Doubt, for example, or Julie/Julia?

This is what people have against awards shows--they never give it to the right people, and thus, people are tuning out in record numbers.  If those award shows want to recapture viewers, start giving the awards to the right people and not the person who hosted the best party.

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